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Tonnellerie Sansaud


Suppliers of fine Bordeaux Chateaux and exclusive wineries in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, BC….we want to better respond to your needs by offering you a delivery stating with one barrel.

We are a family owned business who specializes in barrels for the best quality of wines with the oenologists highest expectations in mind.

Situated in the heart of the Cognac region of France, Tonnellerie Sansaud has responded to winemaker’s expectations for the past 40 years.


The Sansaud family selects it’s wood together, using traditional drying techniques to air dry their staves and adapts their toasting to your liking in order to obtain the quintessence of your work.

We has opened  a new office in Napa, California, with storage in Napa, offering premium barrels from Segonzac, France, year round.

Deliveries with a minimum of one barrel are made by PDLS transportation from our warehouse to your door, year round.

Contact us : 707 674 7475

Tonnellerie Sansaud operates in Australia, New Zeland, Argentina, Chilie, USA,  Italy, Lebanon, France, and collaborates with the best wineries in each country, to meet their expectations.

Sansaud USA

             Napa, California, Idaho, BC, Australia….


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            Email : franck@sansaud-usa.com

                                           Tonnellerie Sansaud France

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